Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pups at 6 Weeks

On their 6 week birthday we were away at the Greenville race. So the photos are just a few, from a walk we did when we got home on Sunday.

Here is Wolf, not too sure about this new Adventure.

Moon, and Wolf behind him.

Diesel looking slim, it must be the angle....

Buttercup, poised to dash off trail.

Arwen, showing off her drive to run!

Aragorn, in a rare moment of not being right at my feet.

Wolf at 5 Weeks

Here is handsome and beautiful Wolf at 5 weeks. He is the more refined twin of Moon.
He has a sweet and quiet temperament, a little more careful and pensive than is brother Moon.

Moon at 5 Weeks

Here is big handsome Moon, the near twin of Wolf.
He is a lovely fellow, playful, cuddly and curious.
He is the only pup with 2 blue eyes.

Diesel at 5 Weeks Old

This is Diesel at 5 weeks. He is another fluffy pup, like Buttercup. He has the cutest, fattest muzzle I have ever seen, with such a lovely warm honey/red/brown hue. Older photos will show the colors on his muzzle are fading a bit. He is a quiet pup, not wildly playful, more to himself. He does seem to enjoy cuddling and interacting with people though. It is hard to tell just how big boned he is, though his overall frame seems smaller than some of the other boys his chest seems wide. Could be all that fur! He is a doll.

Buttercup at 5 weeks

Here is Buttercup. Yes...she is insanely cute and fluffy.
She has a wonderful happy-go-lucky temperament, social, energetic, and can entertain herself or play with whoever wants to play. She is going to be very pretty when she is a big girl, and probably require lots of grooming! I think she is as luxuriously furry as her great Uncle Triton is.

Handsome Aragorn - 5 weeks old

Here is handsome and energetic Aragorn at 5 weeks.
He is a very outgoing and people oriented puppy!
I love his parti-eye, it is a little different than his Mothers, it is more brown with a highlight of blue.

Arwen, 5 Weeks Old

Here is pretty Arwen at age 5 weeks. She is still a confident puppy, not afraid to explore. A little more independent than some of the others, she is not one to enjoy being picked up, squeezed and kissed mercilessly. He coat is thick, lush and shortish. She has an adorable face shape and muzzle and I think she is going to be quiet the looker as she gets bigger!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blossom's little Arwen

Arwen is a small and sprightly female, with a black (and white coat) that has a hint of brown to it. She has bi-eyes. She has already figured out that the camera has an annoying flash, so she is hard to photograph. Being a tad smaller, she was the first to walk, and seems to have things pretty well figured out. She seems very smart, quick and playful and has that type of personality I think of as a sled dog leader. I seem to have these pups now and again: clever, complex, loving and strongly driven, always a black and white female! High leader potential for the right type of trainer. I always think they are somehow a gift from Twinkle, who will never have her own pups.
Photos taken just shy of 4 weeks old.

Blossom's little Buttercup

Buttercup is a light sable puppy girl with two lovely brown eyes. She has a lot of coat already, and is delicious to cuddle. She is also very calm and confident. She'll do anything, go anywhere, sniff anyone. She was the first puppy to start peeing over in the shavings, I think she is going to be very very smart! I also think she has the potential to have as much coat as her great uncle Triton has.
Photos taken at just shy of 4 weeks old.

Blossom's little Aragorn

Aragorn is a sweet little male pup with a light grey mask. He has one blue and one brown eye. He is rather perky and sweet, being the first puppy to seem to notice me and want to interact. He also already knows how to chew toes!
These photos were taken at just shy of 4 weeks old.

Blossom's little Diesel

Diesel is an unbearably adorable replica of Smudgie, with a little more width and chunk. His brown eyes are so sweet and he has the gentlest expression.
So far he seems very laid back and quiet,
These photos were taken at just shy of 4 weeks old.