Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter is kicking my behind!

I can hardly believe this, but it is TRUE. Last winter I managed to do all my kennel chores on my own, mush dogs, race (!) and be pregnant... This year I can barely manage kennel chores 5 days a week and take care of Emma. What a wimp! Or maybe motherhood is that strenuous? What am I going to do when my little human pup walks!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sled bag of love

LAST YEAR!!! (Turn your computer on it's side please to see correctly)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

With Love, lessons from dogs that apply to babies and life

I had long ago discovered that if I did things with love that the results were always better. Everything is less stressful if love is applied, love comes with patience and a forgiving eye, but love also comes with the right ingredients for positive change.

Then I realized the only times I really failed at things were times when I could not apply love to the problem.

And recently I have learned that sometimes things are so hard that they just feel like failure, but as long as love is there, one comes out the other end of the challenge whole...and not broken.

I used to feel sad for the dogs I have that other people discarded. But now I am grateful, as these dogs have been the challenging ones. And I have gotten through the challenges by letting my heart grow. And I know these dogs are happy, sine they are loved!

Examples of "With Love"
** else can filling dog bowls be fun for a baby? Emma will probably know all the dogs names soon, as I sing each dog's name and a little compliment to them as I lay out the bowls, add the food and whatever else.
**Saying good night to each dog as Emma and I tuck in the kennel at night...
**Figuring out that Java Bean can get along with male play mates as long as he enters the play area stress for him if dogs do not dash out their doors into his "space".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sad day, Blue day

I have some terrible news. Blue Dog died today, October 14. He came in the house, threw up and then collapsed. We rushed him to the vet right away. He died within a few minutes of being there. No exact known cause. Something that caused extreme anemia, like internal bleeding. Likely a ruptured tumor, Dr Cody thought a splenetic tumor possibly. Or possibly a trauma like a car accident but that does not seem to fit, since he has not had a run off lead in a while.

We are both devastated. It all feels so wrong. Blue Dog was so young, and such a part of Terry and I. And Emma too, who was starting to smile at and try to 'pat' the house dogs. I thought he would be with us forever. It is odd how one dog can help define you...why with all these siberians I felt like Blue Dog was our 'flavor', our special dog who made us who we are. Such a incredible friend and giver of love.

Blue is buried out in the south pasture near Boomer and Ranger. That was the first place I walked him off lead, when he was new to us. I had many lovely times out there with him and the other house dogs. Terry chose a spot next to the stone wall with a large granite rock that is emerging out of the ground, a natural marker. Blue Dog looked so small and tender when we curled him up to bury him. Almost like the little 6 month old pup we first knew. Shocking.

I think I am still in shock, even though I have cried so much my head hurts. It still does not feel really real. I am sure I will come up with brilliant things I wish I had told you all later, things like how he was so wonderful to our friends or how he made all the siberians his pals, even the toughest ones. How he loved to deliver wood with Terry and go on drives on Sundays. How I once had to give him mouth-to-mouth when he passed out after another dog had been tangled in his collar and how I would give anything to have him back, to know the secret cure and apply it with all my might like I did that day. How I wish I could go back in time and savor every moment with him, how as I held his empty body in the south pasture even then he gave me all he had, his warmth on this very cold and most dismal of fall days.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wolf in Pajamas

These photos are too cute not to share...even though they are old and Wolfie now lives with his new Momma, Donna.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Someone forgot to read the "how to be a husky" manual

This is Juneau Isabelle loving up her new pal, Buracho the Bunny.
Juneau not only lives with e sweet kitty in peace, but has spent this summer getting to know a bunny.
I hesitate to tell Anuk, Juneau's mother. I think Anuk would have a heart attack over the missed meal...
And the pretty blond curls belong to Linda Isabelle!

Ear washing...

Nose kisses

Nose rubs

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haze of Love

The chief difference between loving Emma and loving all my puppies is that when Terry comes home and I squish Emma's face up next to mine and ask Terry "do we look alike" he smiles and says yes. When I do this with a new puppy he looks mildly annoyed and says yes.

Another big difference is that no matter how much I kiss Emma, I do not get fur up my nose.

Other than that, it is the same wild plummet into love, the belly full of warm oatmeal feeling, the simple and exquisite joy. You might say "poor Emma has to share her mothers love with so many doggies..." but Emma says that she has a mommy who really has love down "pat".

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walks with firends

Jessica, Blanche and Emma. Typical 4 mile walk for us. Blanche frolics here and there, she is a fit healthy and happy 15 year old. Hurray for great genes and awesome food (Annamaet is our dog fo

Monday, July 20, 2009

lead girls

Twinkle and Tula in lead on the heavenly trail. Two amazing, strong and smart girls. Talk about power up front! And wow...good looks too! I love these girls.

CGC night at Corina's class

Ali with Darka at odedience graduation night. Darka is twice CGC'd so she was just there to cheer everyone on. Emma came along too of course.

Friday, July 3, 2009

winter reminiscing

Aaaaa winter memories...the "heavenly trail". Dog team full of adventure, sled bag full of snacks and gear, trail just firm enough to hold us above the deep snow, and my belly full of baby Emma.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chantilly Lace aka TILLY or the Tillinator

Photos from Dyanna, Tilly's mom.
These photos also include Obi, Dyanna's Uktousa malamute who is sadly no longer with us and is very missed and loved.
Tilly is a Blossom-Smudgie baby, sister to our Tart and big sister to our Wolfie. Tilly is very sassy and very Smudgie!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeding time

Well, it finally happened. I had to feed dogs, Emma was not napping. She came with me in her green SleepyWrap. I have to say I am proud of two things. One, my stubborn belief that you do not have to yell at your dogs or be stern to get them to behave. And two, what a great job Jesse has done feeding dogs.

Jesse is having a little time off for a visitor, so I have been feeding the kennel. I have been impressed that the discipline has not worn off and the dogs still know they need to be quiet to be fed. Thank you Jesse, you rock!

So to all those trainers who think one needs to sound stern to get obedience, what are YOU going to do the day you need to feed 27 dogs and carry your infant daughter? Not only did she and I get the job done, but she fell asleep in the wrap carrier by the end!

The energy at feeding time for dogs can be full of calmness and love. I really believe that, and I think it has more benefits that just the quiet. I think dogs digest better when they are calmer and I think they know how much you love them when they can see it in your eyes as you feed them!

Rev and Sherpa

Some seriously cute photos of Rev and Sherpa at Jessica's house. Smudgie has the cutest kids!

There are

Mud Pie

Here is a baby Smudgie if there ever was one! This is handsome Mud Pie from the first Blossom-Smudge litter. This handsome fellow lives with Jessica, Russ, Eric and Lief at Sun Dog Siberians in Maine. He also has two little brothers there - Smudgie babies too. And more Siberian friends.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wolfie sipping


Wolfie sniffing and exploring the water tubs dog spout.

Wolfie at the water tub

During one of our walks with Emma, Wolf enjoys the cool grass.

Wolfie at the water tub, Bridgewater Mtn.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Emma napping

Emma power napping through legal appointments. What a good girl.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The new 2 legged puppy

Barking Brook has been blessed by a new puppy...a 2 legged pup named EMMA-ELIZABETH. She has been very good...though at 6 weeks shows no sign of being house broken... :)

For more pics, visit the Emma blog

emma napping in car seat today

Monday, March 23, 2009

Iditarod - YUCK

I am getting sick of emails forwarding news about this race. The latest was about 2 dogs that died most likely having frozen to death during a storm.

I don't care who runs, wins or tries this race. As far as I can see, with 20+ checkpoints to restock, a huge purse for the top runners and all the media it is a race that promotes terrible dog care. Why? Because people are motivated to win, and when people want to win they compromise ethical, compassionate care of dogs.

Too much breeding - where do all those extra puppies go? Where do all the dogs who did not make the cut go? From all the stories some PEOPLE IN ALASKA SHOOT THEIR UNWANTED DOGS AND PUT THE POOR DEAD DOGS ON THE POOP PILES. From all the shelters and rescue groups there are also massive quantities of dumped dogs, especially in spring. There are breeders from Alaska who ship dogs to who-the-hell-cares-anywhere-else-that-pays. They do not take these dogs back when the purchaser decided that it is not working out. Some don't even take the time to really know how their dog will be cared for. So these dogs get passed on and on.
Some breeders, both Alaskan and non, Iditarod running and non, BREED DOGS TO MAKE MONEY. I feel that unless you are putting enough effort into breeding and raising pups to displace a full time job, selling pups to pay for your racing habits is pathetic and evil.

Too many dogs per kennel - do they get the love and attention they deserve? Dogs who work their hearts out for you deserve to be loved every day, to be known for every quirk and special thing about them. Anyone who owns any amount of dogs should go to hell if they do not love and care for their dogs to the utmost of their ability and heart.

Too many compromises
- how do you feed dogs for a healthy full life when all you care about is the the performance over their peak running years? Who of these top runners keeps their old dogs and watches them enjoy comfortable retirement??? And I do not mean a favored few. I mean ALL the dogs who raced and worked. How can they afford to feed the best when there are 80+ dogs in the yard. The feed "the best they can afford" and call it "the best". I would in fact avoid like the PLAGUE any dog food most large kennels feed. Many mushers feed a disgusting raw meat called 4-D meat. That is DEAD, DISABLED, DOWNER AND DISEASED animal meat. How does that make for health???

So...these are my thoughts on this blasted race. With 4 weeks to go till I pop out my baby... I feel like I need to hurry up and scream out my thoughts for someone to hear before I am cocooned in baby love for the foreseeable future.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jesse is coming back!

Jesse is coming back to Barking Brook to help out during the new baby phase!

I am due April 16 and have been struggling to keep up with what I consider to be basic dog care (what others might consider perfectly great care ... I know...) So we are all rejoicing, since we miss him anyway. Hubby bought him an adorable 26 foot camper for his own space and is working on a spot by the barn. Jesse used to use the upper story of the barn as a workshop, so we are hoping he will enjoy the location. Hopefully we can also provide some great, safe play space for Bud and Sikko too, one the snow melts off our pile of fencing. We still have a good foot out in the fields and yards.

So hurray and hallelujah, the dogs will be perfectly cared for and I can spend some time just enjoying the new baby to come and learning how to house break, um, I mean care for a tiny human baby.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning ... dogs???

The first day of spring has come and many kennels are clearing out dogs. It always makes me sad, all these dogs that are not good enough, fast enough, eat enough, cute enough, young enough, breedable enough, healthy enough.... and the excuses are staggering.

I just hope and pray all the dogs are lucky enough to go to homes that will love them and cherish them and never let them down again.

And to all those of you who stand by your dogs... through thick and thin, young and old, fast or not, PLEASE keep talking about what you do and why... so not everyone entering this sport thinks that dogs are upgradable equipment.

Sweet Yuki

Here are a few photos of Yuki, from Blossom's first litter last summer.
She has two boys of her own, lucky girl! Zack and Jonah.

As you can see....she looks SO MUCH like her dad Smudgie it is not funny! Down to his fancy parti-eye.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 and 11 week photos of Handsome Wolf

Things are good, though I await an adoptive home.
I live inside and get special toys, sleep in a crate at night and am learning important stuff like to go out the dog door to go to the bathroom, walk on a leash, not chew things that are not mine and which couches are for dogs (only 1!!!). I get to go to the kennel during the day and play with my big sister Tart or my mommy Blossom. I like that ok. I really like to be in the house with my uncle Boomer. He is fun to play with and teaches me a lot of stuff.

This is me snuggling with Blanche. She is nice to me and I am of course, polite and nice to her!

This is what it looked like before I knew our photos were taken... I was napping. See how big I am getting??? I've grown a lot since my siblings were adopted out.

I was only about 10 weeks here. I am growing fast.

Here I am in my favorite spot with a special toy. I understand that this used to be my great-grandfather Ranger's special spot. Boy I wish I could have met him.

Next to me is the bucket of big dog bowls. I still eat out of a small dish... someday I will b a big dog though!

Well, that is all for now. You'll have to look for more updates and my cute tiger stripped nose later!
Lots of love,