Monday, July 30, 2012

Celebrating our first litter

Our first litter, Anuk's litter, was so long ago!  The 4 I have from this litter are now eleven years old!  I originally kept Kubota and Triton, the only 2 boys, but Emma (Leigh) and Darka came back home later and stayed.

At the time of this litter I was still dating my now husband and it was wonderful to include his family in the fun.  My step daughter Alisha still loves Triton and calls him Fluffy But.

The photos below are from a puppy play date at the Berg's house.  They had a litter almost the same age. A few of the people who were getting puppies were there plus some house guests/friends of mine.  It was really fun!

It's strange to finally be doing a dog sled tour business after all these years with these dogs.  2 of this litter retired last year after doing one dog sled tour.  (2 carried on for the rest of the season).  Ironically doing dog sled tours is just what these guys excel at.  They are so friendly and have such eye catching beauty, they pull hard and true in harness, they really are great dogs to work with.

Of the 8 pups only 6 are still alive. Nushka was shot by a neighbor in Vermont, Charm died of liver issues. Two are treasured house pets (Perkins, Juneau).   And as I said 4 live here: Kubota, Triton, Emma-Leigh and Darka.

A lapful of pups with Emma closes to camera, Kubota's face poking out to the left and Triton face half visible on the right as he burrows in.

Jacci holding Nushka.  Love at first cuddle.

Emma's intense and joyful eyes.

In the dog boxes to go home: Perkins, Kubota, Darka and Emma.

Be (Rebecca) holding the dark faced pups: Kubota and Darka.

Rick Holding Emma, Triton and Charm.

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Friends till the end

Siepa passed away yesterday afternoon. He was in the kennel with all his friends and fellow retirees in the play area. I thought he was sleeping at first, the scene was peaceful. It was a shock and I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the loss of such a soulful and loving dog, who has been with me since our first dog sled ride. He was one of the first sets of pups and his age mates were the first team. I got him and his sister Nikka right after I bought and moved into my house.
He was a loyal and incredibly loving dog. He was a wonderful lead dog and handsome. His brown eyes were sooooo gentle and told me volumes. I always knew how much he loved me.  Even when he became very sick, our time together was special and he was loving and generous to my daughter Emma.
He is burried right above Blanche in our back pasture. He is wrapped in some favorite batik material of mine, harness between his paws, a love note pressed against his chest.
I hope everyone who reads this knows the true love of a loyal dog.