Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sad day, Blue day

I have some terrible news. Blue Dog died today, October 14. He came in the house, threw up and then collapsed. We rushed him to the vet right away. He died within a few minutes of being there. No exact known cause. Something that caused extreme anemia, like internal bleeding. Likely a ruptured tumor, Dr Cody thought a splenetic tumor possibly. Or possibly a trauma like a car accident but that does not seem to fit, since he has not had a run off lead in a while.

We are both devastated. It all feels so wrong. Blue Dog was so young, and such a part of Terry and I. And Emma too, who was starting to smile at and try to 'pat' the house dogs. I thought he would be with us forever. It is odd how one dog can help define you...why with all these siberians I felt like Blue Dog was our 'flavor', our special dog who made us who we are. Such a incredible friend and giver of love.

Blue is buried out in the south pasture near Boomer and Ranger. That was the first place I walked him off lead, when he was new to us. I had many lovely times out there with him and the other house dogs. Terry chose a spot next to the stone wall with a large granite rock that is emerging out of the ground, a natural marker. Blue Dog looked so small and tender when we curled him up to bury him. Almost like the little 6 month old pup we first knew. Shocking.

I think I am still in shock, even though I have cried so much my head hurts. It still does not feel really real. I am sure I will come up with brilliant things I wish I had told you all later, things like how he was so wonderful to our friends or how he made all the siberians his pals, even the toughest ones. How he loved to deliver wood with Terry and go on drives on Sundays. How I once had to give him mouth-to-mouth when he passed out after another dog had been tangled in his collar and how I would give anything to have him back, to know the secret cure and apply it with all my might like I did that day. How I wish I could go back in time and savor every moment with him, how as I held his empty body in the south pasture even then he gave me all he had, his warmth on this very cold and most dismal of fall days.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wolf in Pajamas

These photos are too cute not to share...even though they are old and Wolfie now lives with his new Momma, Donna.