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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sad News, Ranger has gone over the Bridge

Sadly, we had to let Ranger go this past Saturday, November 1 2008. He was 15 years old, and just has handsome and personable as ever.

I was the lucky adoptee of a beautiful 9 year old Ranger some years ago. He moved into the house to keep our other older dogs company, at the time those were Boomer, Blanche and Blue Dog. He loved to sleep on the hearth in the kitchen, and that became his place. He loved to go for walks, and he would have worked in harness for more years if I had the time to run him. But he was a part of our retired house crew, enjoying walks and the grassy backyard play area, the visit of puppies and the dinner parties where he got to be the center of attention. I learned that he loved everyone, even kids, and would let kids snuggle into his bed or come and find them to kiss them. He got along with every dog here, and never would lower himself to a dog argument or fight.

His down fall was spondylosis, a degenerative arthritis of the spine. He very rapidly began to suffer and to not be able to walk. Within a week I went from wondering if he was feeling 100% to helping him stand, balance and walk. It was so fast. He was frustrated and in pain. I tried to make him comfortable and to make up for his lack of strength, sensation and control of his legs, but it did not help. He was buried here at Torsey Farm, out in a pretty pasture, next to his old friend Boomer.

We miss him terribly, and love him deeply. He was one of the best dogs on earth, and we were blessed and lucky to have gotten a chance to love him and enjoy his great personality and stunning good looks.


Ranger in his Prime - on Valerie's team and dog truck

These photos are from Valerie's collection. They are from when Ranger lived with her, his kids, relatives and Zoey.

This is Ranger and DJ (the grey male) - DJ was one of Ranger's brothers. Aren't they both so handsome? I love these Turick bloodline dogs. They are 8 years old in this picture and look about as healthy and vibrant as 2 year olds.

This is also taken on the Valerie dog truck. Left to right: Fire and Ranger (both 2) and Tommie (a girl). They look pretty ready for their turn, don't they? Beautiful, healthy, strong, fast Siberians!

This awesome photo is of Ranger and Pryo in lead, with Comet and Koti (another Ranger brother - the sable and masked one) in team. That is Valerie, coming in for a great finish with her 4 dog team at a sprint race. Valerie's dogs consistently did very well in sprints for years. They were often one of a few or the only Siberian teams. Of course, they were the most gorgeous dogs in the parking lot!

Ranger at Barking Brook

Ranger got a new bed, wow he says, this is SNUGGLY!

Ranger gets a visit from our grandson Jake. If he wasn't kissing the visiting kids, he was letting them snuggle in his hearth-bed.

Ranger at his 15th birthday party. Just a bit of family, a bacon cheeseburger and his own ice cream.

Ranger and grandkids, great grandkids

Ranger liked to snuggle. He would accept an invitation to get on the couch any day of the week! He'd even sleep on the bed, but I could only get away with that if I was home sick. He would be an excellent nurse, and make sure I got some good naps in.

Ranger would also tolerate the occasional puppy visit from his great granddaughter Tart. She would have to beg and beg though! And then she would be very pleased with herself, as you can see below. This was a recent photo, and I think Ranger was interrupted in the middle of a really good nap.

This photo is from a few years ago, when Smudge - a grand son - was tiny. Back then Smudge knew how to be Very Cute.

Ranger Photos - Puppy Photos

8 month old Ranger. Look at his sweet face! Valerie gave me copies of all these photos.

4 month old Ranger in the next two photos.

It's hard to believe big, magnificent Ranger was ever a weee 3 month old baby! Look at his paws though, everyone must have known he would be grand in size and wonderful in demeanor.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

climbing part 2

more of the trip up bridgewaterls peak

Bridgewater Mtn

Climbing up the very top of the Bridgewater Mountain Clear cut. Go team go! We love to explore.... no idea where this was going but we just kept following the somewhat broken track.

climbing up Bridgewater Mtn

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

news flash

News flash: Not only are the Rainy puppies extremely good at jumping fences... a select few have also experienced teanaged sex. And one has fathered a litter...or two...or was that three??? SKYE!!! Naughty puppy!!!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Visit from a Very Helpful Cat....

This large yellow CAT came to visit this weekend.... and removed ALL the snow from the kennels! YAHOO!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Introducing the The Acceler8 Team

I thought I would introduce the dogs on the Acceler8 team.

The Acceler8 team is composed of:

Rainy - leader of a lifetime. Pure white dog, fearless, delicate, funny. She is famous for humming and kazooing, and being a good cuddler in the tent. She has had 2 litters of puppies and the pups are just awesome. Her pups here are: Pema, Java Bean, Bodhi and Bridget. Woody is also here, but hopefully travels to Scotland this April.
Twinkle - second leader of a lifetime! Gorgeous black and white dog with shiny coat, blue eyes and a precious heart that I guard for her. She has taught me a lot, and I hope I never let her down again. Our mutual trust is hard won and something I value. Sister to Pearl and Turbo.
Pema - Rainy's daughter. Good natured and happy, easy going. A delightful little menace, loves to run, will be a leader someday if I can get her off the left side of the trail. She likes to get zany haircuts from Tula.
Java Bean - Rainy's son. Happy and robust, faithful and extremely affectionate. (Ouch - likes to jump up and kiss you). He can run lead, but needs more confidence. He is also a show dog at times, we have fun together in the ring. He is a very good boy in the house... and often spends days at a time keeping his auntie Blanche company.
Hakka - This year Hakka ran on both teams, sometimes in the same day. He is a great dog, solid, strong, sweet, gentle, hard working, funny, smart smart smart. He is one of my favorite obedience dogs. He loves to be hugged. He is uncle to Pearl, Turbo and Twinkle.
Pearl - Pearl was off this season at times. We recently found out she has low thyroid. Now that she has started supplementation she is back to her perky, affectionate self. In harness she is usually invisible: so consistently hard working and well behaved she is not a worry. Her gait and movement are pretty at any speed. She is a very plain yet very pretty dog who has simply the sweetest temperament. She had a litter this summer, the Cinni Buns. We kept Boomer and Blossom.
Smudge - the wild thing. Smudgie is a great worker, can go as fast as you could ever want and pulls incredibly hard at any speed. He is very affectionate to people but has few dog friends. He is pretty funny, and has his own array of special gifts. We have been working on eye-brow wiggling on queue for a while now... He is grandson to our beautiful old retired dog Ranger, who lives in the house. His mother is Jeep who lives with Valerie down in Mass.
Tula - Tula is a smart cookie, a hard working and driven dog who can run lead and should do it more. She is great at obedience work and very intuitive around the kennel. She is something to look at, somewhat tall, very beautiful. She is a bit bossy around the kennel - I am never sure who starts the haircut thing with Pema...
Turbo - his gorgeous fluffy coat hides an insanely athletic build. He a hard worker and a well behaved boy. He is blind in one eye - and that was an adjustment for us all, but now you would never know it. He is happy and playful, affectionate and loyal.

Welcome to the Snowiest Winter in Ages....

We've had so much snow this year! Also some mild weather, lots of rain, but still, so much snow! More snow than we can manage in the kennel even with lots of help shovelling. We have had escaping pups and had to add to our fencing.
We've mushed loads of untracked snow also taken advantage of the pristine, freshly (obsessively) groomed Bridgewater trails. So that's a plus.

Above is a photo, taken by Jesse, from the house dog yard into the main kennel. The kennel now looks like some crazed nightmare of crooked fence posts, as we scabbed on extenders in order to hold up more fencing.
I just looked out the window by the way, and saw Turbo trying to get into the back deck. He had opened his kennel door and climbed over the hallway fence! We haven't raised the fences anywhere but the main play yard. I guess we better get on it! I had to rush out in my socks and get him! He is a fluffy love muffin and also an extremely hard worker in harness.

I'll be posting some photos of various adventures this winter, so come back soon!
xo Miss W and the pups

Photos of Snow Barking Brook Kennel