Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy puppy days

Friday I had my 2 grand daughters and we had a fabulous day with puppy walks, crafts time and general play with and with out pups.  Here is Khloe with Pixy. Nothing like 2 cuties cuddling!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Foot wear for mushers

I wear my bogs year round though you'd think they would be too hot in summer.  This is the thing, the grass is wet with dew till late in the morning and I start first chores early. I hate to have wet feet in my crocks or teva's, or WORSE squished bugs!  Ugh!  Of course later I switch.  And of course many days the long walk to the poop pile happens in crocs anyway and freaking bugs and slugs somehow jump in and make mush. Oh what a sad use of that word!  Sorry my glorious dogs. "Mush" should sacred. Our times through the fall and snowy winter on adventures and dog sled tours should not get mixed up with slugged slugs.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Really Dogs, really???!!!????

We all know dogs can be dogs.  I can't fault my crew much, they are all of the things I want: an awesome dog sled tour team, wonderful friends, adventure lovers,  fun dog sled racers, cuddlers, howlers and just plain cute.  HOWEVER sometimes I am just puzzled.  Ok...maybe more than puzzled...disgusted???  So I have come to terms with PEEING in the bowls after dinner.  A few dogs do it.  Gross, but oh well.  I wash the bowls bcs while the dogs have their own bowls with their names on them and who is to say who pees in which bowl, right?  I mean, if it were me I would pee in someone else's bowl, not mine.  YOu???  But...maybe you and I just would not pee in a bowl...  Well anyway.  THEY DO.  So they other day I found a POOP in a bowl.  YUP.  No kidding.  I was really grossed out.  THEN the next day I found the same bowl with pee in it again, and when I went to rinse it out in the dog pool there was poop in the pool.  This is all the same kennel, the same 3 dogs.  Not sure who is doing what, but I know its one of these 3.  And you guessed it.  One of these 3 is Sweet Tart.  Could she really be doing this crazy stuff?  Not delicate, lady like, awesome lead dog Bridget, right?  Not silly goofy Bonzo...  Well Bonzo is a thought....  But my money is on Sweet Tart.  :)

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc

Pearl pampered by Emma

Pearl had a cancerous tumor removed recently. It grew back in the same spot as it first occurred.  My daughter Emma gave up her toddler bed so Pearl could have a nice big bed to stretch out on.  We think old Anuk can't get up on this bed, which is good, bcs Anuk tends to leak in her beds.

Pearl is really doing well, good energy and spirits.  Miraculous!  The vet said she had to remove a chunk of muscle and then pull in muscle fibers from the side, ouchie, right? So proud of Pearl, we love her so much.