Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zen pair, crabby pair

I was loving this photo of leaders Bodhi and Bridget until I looked closely at the pair behind them!  Lol.  A moment of canine communication regarding whose paws belong where????
These little moments are few, so it's almost funny/cute to catch one on camera.  After a few years of sled dog tours these dogs have become so well matched as a team, yet still there are moments!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Stop calling me Tart....the name's Sweetie

An amazing catch of a split second dog conversation.  Pema, on the left, and Sweet Tart on the right.  Normally Tart is insistently submissive to Pema.  But in this micro second she is telling Pema off.  Pema is licking her lips, a clear CALM DOWN signal.  I am sure anyone can come up with a good guess as to what Sweet Tart is saying....

Tired puppies

What a life, to be ready to nap at 930 am!  These baby sled dog pups have been playing since 630 today, including for the last half hour in the huge play area.  It's wonderful to watch them sprint laps chasing each other in this new addition to the kennel grounds.  These 2 boys were recently purchased and added to our 3 pup group.  So next year we will have five wonderfully athletic sweet and handsome dogs to add to our dog sled tour team.   Actually 2 of ours are girls, so that would be sweet, athletic and pretty additions to the dog sled tour team.

We love this new play area, the dogs get a chance to lope lazy laps on their off days (we are already training with wheeled rigs).  It's wonderful to play fetch with all the apples and to see the play group finally all lay down close to each other and nap in the sun and fall leaves.

The play area also has helped get the dogs fit for fall training, as they have had a few weeks running around in it late this summer/early fall. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pups gone wild

Our 3 Pema/Bodhi pups are nealy 6 months old.  Just a week ago I bought 2 adorable pups from neighboring mushers.  I realized I needed even more to add to next years dog sled tour team.  The new ones are just 1 month younger than ours, but a tad more tender, quiet and sweet.  I realize in comparison I have built confident, fearless and happy puppies.  But they are a smidge wild...and now that there are 5 the mischief is getting noticeable.  Just this Monday holiday I thought I had the kennel arranged in happy play groups and was enjoying a craft date with my daughter and 2 of my lovely grand daughters.  Well I got a call from hubby, pups were out of the huge enclosure and were running wild.  They came right to the front door, thankfully! Happy buggers!  But only my 3 Pema pups had escaped!  The 2 new boys were looking ever so sorrowful left behind in the huge play area.  Well, since this escape the pups have been digging inside the kennel too.  They clearly understand edges and getting out!  It's hard to imagine that they must wait a year to have all this energy harnessed.  But I know once they come of age they will be excellent additions to our dog sled tour team.  Friendly, energetic, fearless and adventure loving.  Just what Barking Brook is all about.  In the meanwhile however, I scarce turn my back on them.  They climb things, reach things not meant for chewing, scatter things and seem in need of puppy school.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy puppy days

Friday I had my 2 grand daughters and we had a fabulous day with puppy walks, crafts time and general play with and with out pups.  Here is Khloe with Pixy. Nothing like 2 cuties cuddling!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Foot wear for mushers

I wear my bogs year round though you'd think they would be too hot in summer.  This is the thing, the grass is wet with dew till late in the morning and I start first chores early. I hate to have wet feet in my crocks or teva's, or WORSE squished bugs!  Ugh!  Of course later I switch.  And of course many days the long walk to the poop pile happens in crocs anyway and freaking bugs and slugs somehow jump in and make mush. Oh what a sad use of that word!  Sorry my glorious dogs. "Mush" should sacred. Our times through the fall and snowy winter on adventures and dog sled tours should not get mixed up with slugged slugs.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Really Dogs, really???!!!????

We all know dogs can be dogs.  I can't fault my crew much, they are all of the things I want: an awesome dog sled tour team, wonderful friends, adventure lovers,  fun dog sled racers, cuddlers, howlers and just plain cute.  HOWEVER sometimes I am just puzzled.  Ok...maybe more than puzzled...disgusted???  So I have come to terms with PEEING in the bowls after dinner.  A few dogs do it.  Gross, but oh well.  I wash the bowls bcs while the dogs have their own bowls with their names on them and who is to say who pees in which bowl, right?  I mean, if it were me I would pee in someone else's bowl, not mine.  YOu???  But...maybe you and I just would not pee in a bowl...  Well anyway.  THEY DO.  So they other day I found a POOP in a bowl.  YUP.  No kidding.  I was really grossed out.  THEN the next day I found the same bowl with pee in it again, and when I went to rinse it out in the dog pool there was poop in the pool.  This is all the same kennel, the same 3 dogs.  Not sure who is doing what, but I know its one of these 3.  And you guessed it.  One of these 3 is Sweet Tart.  Could she really be doing this crazy stuff?  Not delicate, lady like, awesome lead dog Bridget, right?  Not silly goofy Bonzo...  Well Bonzo is a thought....  But my money is on Sweet Tart.  :)

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc

Pearl pampered by Emma

Pearl had a cancerous tumor removed recently. It grew back in the same spot as it first occurred.  My daughter Emma gave up her toddler bed so Pearl could have a nice big bed to stretch out on.  We think old Anuk can't get up on this bed, which is good, bcs Anuk tends to leak in her beds.

Pearl is really doing well, good energy and spirits.  Miraculous!  The vet said she had to remove a chunk of muscle and then pull in muscle fibers from the side, ouchie, right? So proud of Pearl, we love her so much.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our first away weekend

Our first away weekend in a super long time. We are in Gorham tonight, staged for the race tomorrow in Berlin's Jericho ATV park. Yahoo. Boys peed...girls have not...sitting outside my motel room with a beer freezing my tush off. Come on girls! That's MUD PIE closest to the end of the truck. Sadly we have to give him back to Jaye this weekend. He was such a great dog this season. I didn't know borrowing a dog could lead to such a bond, but he is a great soul and a hard worker and cute on top of it all.

Dog teams everywhere

Emma napping, as usual her cute crew of puppies snuggled around her.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy dogs

We were out on a free run today. Awesome trails, nice and smooth, sligtly soft from the above freezing temps. We cruised up to the top of Hicks Mtn at 12mph. Sweet! You know you are in for a good run when you ride the drag UPHILL! These dogs are super strong from a winter of dog sled tours. Love my puppy babies!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Pearl and my girl


Girl and her favorite snuggling dog

Emma with Pearl. Pearl ran on the team Sunday for 22 miles, yesterday for 10, of course she needs a girl snuggle! This is Pearl's last year on the team, she doesn't pull anymore but always looks elegant and smooth at any pace. I love having her with us and love having her in the house. She is a luxury. Thank you Donna J for helping me choose her. Thank you Ann and George for the day Pearl was born...right next to your own litter at the vets. I also want to note Pearl and her siblings are the perfect blend of Alkasiber and Blackwater. Pearl is the first to slow down of her sibs, but all 3 have been my mainstream dogs and my best fury ambassadors. Loving kids up at tours, screaming down race trails when they were younger. Awesome at obedience and of course extremely good looking!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Such a happy day

I have had a few happy days recently, and I am being very understated here.  I am lucky, so lucky.  I have wonderful dogs, a wonderful family, I am a truly lucky person.  I work hard, really hard, but I love what to do.
Yesterday I took out two teams for long runs. During both runs I had so many of those wonderful moments of connectedness with the whole team. I swear that is part of why I do this.  Not just the thrills but the soul satisfying team feeling of being one with my dogs.

 I ran a boy team with Twinkle in lead at first - later she went to wheel.  She is getting older but took the move with grace and worked hard the rest of the run.  Bodhi then ran lead with his son Bonzo.  Now that is cute.  We did a nice loop and then went exploring.  Went up an insane hill that finally leveled off.  Not wanting to go down something I hadn't seen before that might be steeper, we turned around.  What a ride.  The snow balled up over my brakes, cutting off my ability to brake.  The snow ball was so big and wet that it started to pull the sled sideways.  Yikes.  It was more like a snow man.  I repeatedly kicked it off, but it came back.  The downhill was so steep that it was over before I knew it and I resumed more normal sled handling, phew.  We had such a good run though.  I was so proud of the dogs and of me for exploring.

Then I took the girl team out (with Smudge).  Tula and Bridget in lead.  Bridget is really coming into it, she is starting to take commands (for a while she was ANTI was a struggle as some tour customers may fondly remember).  Tula was amazing.  My favorite moment was when we came to a fork where I had taken the boys to the left and asked her to go Gee she did it right away but then realized she lost the scent trail.  She went back as if she thought I had mistaken my command, which I repeated and she returned Gee. She is so smart, and it was a cool insight into how she was thinking about the trail and everything we were doing.  it clearly showed that she knew our other team had been out there just where we had been, although then we took a detour.  Our detour was beautiful, and creeped up and up and up.  Again at a wide flat area I turned the team around, a little nervous of some of the switch back turns.  No problem on my CB Sled, love this Wolf Moon amazing creation.  Carl Brown, you will live forever in lots of people's hearts and also in the amazing sleds you made.

I loved the terrain we went on, lots of high open country.  Openings to gorgeous views.  Nestly low areas wedged between bouldery mountain sides and frozen streams laced with ice.  I vow to continue working hard and trying to do good things so that I may continue to earn days like this...heavenly days with my beautiful dogs.

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc