Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to the Snowiest Winter in Ages....

We've had so much snow this year! Also some mild weather, lots of rain, but still, so much snow! More snow than we can manage in the kennel even with lots of help shovelling. We have had escaping pups and had to add to our fencing.
We've mushed loads of untracked snow also taken advantage of the pristine, freshly (obsessively) groomed Bridgewater trails. So that's a plus.

Above is a photo, taken by Jesse, from the house dog yard into the main kennel. The kennel now looks like some crazed nightmare of crooked fence posts, as we scabbed on extenders in order to hold up more fencing.
I just looked out the window by the way, and saw Turbo trying to get into the back deck. He had opened his kennel door and climbed over the hallway fence! We haven't raised the fences anywhere but the main play yard. I guess we better get on it! I had to rush out in my socks and get him! He is a fluffy love muffin and also an extremely hard worker in harness.

I'll be posting some photos of various adventures this winter, so come back soon!
xo Miss W and the pups

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