Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeding time

Well, it finally happened. I had to feed dogs, Emma was not napping. She came with me in her green SleepyWrap. I have to say I am proud of two things. One, my stubborn belief that you do not have to yell at your dogs or be stern to get them to behave. And two, what a great job Jesse has done feeding dogs.

Jesse is having a little time off for a visitor, so I have been feeding the kennel. I have been impressed that the discipline has not worn off and the dogs still know they need to be quiet to be fed. Thank you Jesse, you rock!

So to all those trainers who think one needs to sound stern to get obedience, what are YOU going to do the day you need to feed 27 dogs and carry your infant daughter? Not only did she and I get the job done, but she fell asleep in the wrap carrier by the end!

The energy at feeding time for dogs can be full of calmness and love. I really believe that, and I think it has more benefits that just the quiet. I think dogs digest better when they are calmer and I think they know how much you love them when they can see it in your eyes as you feed them!