Friday, June 3, 2011

Rainy and her daughters Pema and Bridget

The three girls (Pema left, Bridget center and Rainy to the right) in the heat pen....not in heat but I just hope any day now we will get that over with! They were on a perfect schedule of Oct/April...what happened??

This pen is alternately called the puppy apartment as it is completely separate from the main kennel (no puppies can be chewed through a fence) and there are two kennels next to each other that can have a door opened between them.  The kennel next door has the momma house - an extra large dog house with bumper rails.  Usually when the pups are small I open the door between kennels but place a board over teh door way so momma can go next door to get away or do her business.  There is a big grassy pen next to the apartment that is for puppy play time.

It would be nice to have puppies again!