Monday, December 19, 2011

Fall meanderings

Fall training is going along really well.  I finally got the front brakes on the ATV fixed, so that is nice.  The dogs are getting so strong we really need both sets to stop and hold the team to take a break and water everyone.  I found out the ATV weighs 426 pounds.  I have been carrying around a 70 pound bag of sand too.  And I think the tire chains must weigh 40 or 50 pounds (and really add to the holding power).  So we are really ready for the double driver sled loaded up with happy passengers.  It actually will feel a lot easier for the dogs!!!

With the little skims of snow we have been getting the road here is no longer safe to take teams on.  6 weeks of hard hill training certainly got the dogs fit, but it is rough on the feet.  The dogs are happy to see the softer trails we have been using.  I officially named our home trails "the ten hill, 10 dog, two hour" run.  With real snow it is a whole different game of course.  And we have a gorgeous loop for our shorter tours here, great views of Mount Cardigan and Newfound Lake!

On a sad note I retired 5 dogs from the dog sled tour team pool.  They joined Anuk, and so there are now 6 retired dogs in the kennel.  They are not so sure about retired life, so I am hoping to get a few of them out for short runs on snow just for fun.  Maybe Siepa or Denali will help me pull out little Emma girl around on her snow sled.

Also sad (very very)  and not mentioned on this blog is the passing of Blanche.  I have to write her something proper...she deserves a grand story with lots of pictures.  I miss her terribly.  I wish she could have recovered, but 17+ years is a long long life.  I could not ask her to keep struggling.

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc