Monday, April 30, 2012

A Smudgie Album

Smudge deserves a little fanfare.  I caught him trying to do CPR to a chipmunk today.   He really has a good heart...he could have just eaten the chipmunk.
But really....Smudge is so cute that we should have a little fun here with some photos.
Here we go:
Mudgie Moo at the truck this past season.  Looking at me like...enough with the camera HUG TIME!
As a wee lad little Mugglet was pretty cuddlable...who would want to put this plush  squishable thing down?

Smidge, as someone accidentally called him this winter...hey a new nickname!

A winter run many years ago.  Smoodgie Moo looking so serious...

Munchie Moo being cool as a pup.  Big Hakka making sure...

Super Smudge as a geeky teanager.

Who are you calling geek!  I am so cool!

If he still fit Smugle would let you do this.

Baby Smudge with out Blue dog way back when.

I often wondered what he would look like with brown eyes, his coloring and mask is SO WILD!   Very young in this photo, when he could still go off leash.


Silly puppy.

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc