Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Friends till the end

Siepa passed away yesterday afternoon. He was in the kennel with all his friends and fellow retirees in the play area. I thought he was sleeping at first, the scene was peaceful. It was a shock and I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the loss of such a soulful and loving dog, who has been with me since our first dog sled ride. He was one of the first sets of pups and his age mates were the first team. I got him and his sister Nikka right after I bought and moved into my house.
He was a loyal and incredibly loving dog. He was a wonderful lead dog and handsome. His brown eyes were sooooo gentle and told me volumes. I always knew how much he loved me.  Even when he became very sick, our time together was special and he was loving and generous to my daughter Emma.
He is burried right above Blanche in our back pasture. He is wrapped in some favorite batik material of mine, harness between his paws, a love note pressed against his chest.
I hope everyone who reads this knows the true love of a loyal dog.