Friday, January 11, 2013

Such a happy day

I have had a few happy days recently, and I am being very understated here.  I am lucky, so lucky.  I have wonderful dogs, a wonderful family, I am a truly lucky person.  I work hard, really hard, but I love what to do.
Yesterday I took out two teams for long runs. During both runs I had so many of those wonderful moments of connectedness with the whole team. I swear that is part of why I do this.  Not just the thrills but the soul satisfying team feeling of being one with my dogs.

 I ran a boy team with Twinkle in lead at first - later she went to wheel.  She is getting older but took the move with grace and worked hard the rest of the run.  Bodhi then ran lead with his son Bonzo.  Now that is cute.  We did a nice loop and then went exploring.  Went up an insane hill that finally leveled off.  Not wanting to go down something I hadn't seen before that might be steeper, we turned around.  What a ride.  The snow balled up over my brakes, cutting off my ability to brake.  The snow ball was so big and wet that it started to pull the sled sideways.  Yikes.  It was more like a snow man.  I repeatedly kicked it off, but it came back.  The downhill was so steep that it was over before I knew it and I resumed more normal sled handling, phew.  We had such a good run though.  I was so proud of the dogs and of me for exploring.

Then I took the girl team out (with Smudge).  Tula and Bridget in lead.  Bridget is really coming into it, she is starting to take commands (for a while she was ANTI was a struggle as some tour customers may fondly remember).  Tula was amazing.  My favorite moment was when we came to a fork where I had taken the boys to the left and asked her to go Gee she did it right away but then realized she lost the scent trail.  She went back as if she thought I had mistaken my command, which I repeated and she returned Gee. She is so smart, and it was a cool insight into how she was thinking about the trail and everything we were doing.  it clearly showed that she knew our other team had been out there just where we had been, although then we took a detour.  Our detour was beautiful, and creeped up and up and up.  Again at a wide flat area I turned the team around, a little nervous of some of the switch back turns.  No problem on my CB Sled, love this Wolf Moon amazing creation.  Carl Brown, you will live forever in lots of people's hearts and also in the amazing sleds you made.

I loved the terrain we went on, lots of high open country.  Openings to gorgeous views.  Nestly low areas wedged between bouldery mountain sides and frozen streams laced with ice.  I vow to continue working hard and trying to do good things so that I may continue to earn days like this...heavenly days with my beautiful dogs.

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc