Thursday, February 7, 2013

Girl and her favorite snuggling dog

Emma with Pearl. Pearl ran on the team Sunday for 22 miles, yesterday for 10, of course she needs a girl snuggle! This is Pearl's last year on the team, she doesn't pull anymore but always looks elegant and smooth at any pace. I love having her with us and love having her in the house. She is a luxury. Thank you Donna J for helping me choose her. Thank you Ann and George for the day Pearl was born...right next to your own litter at the vets. I also want to note Pearl and her siblings are the perfect blend of Alkasiber and Blackwater. Pearl is the first to slow down of her sibs, but all 3 have been my mainstream dogs and my best fury ambassadors. Loving kids up at tours, screaming down race trails when they were younger. Awesome at obedience and of course extremely good looking!