Monday, August 12, 2013

Really Dogs, really???!!!????

We all know dogs can be dogs.  I can't fault my crew much, they are all of the things I want: an awesome dog sled tour team, wonderful friends, adventure lovers,  fun dog sled racers, cuddlers, howlers and just plain cute.  HOWEVER sometimes I am just puzzled.  Ok...maybe more than puzzled...disgusted???  So I have come to terms with PEEING in the bowls after dinner.  A few dogs do it.  Gross, but oh well.  I wash the bowls bcs while the dogs have their own bowls with their names on them and who is to say who pees in which bowl, right?  I mean, if it were me I would pee in someone else's bowl, not mine.  YOu???  But...maybe you and I just would not pee in a bowl...  Well anyway.  THEY DO.  So they other day I found a POOP in a bowl.  YUP.  No kidding.  I was really grossed out.  THEN the next day I found the same bowl with pee in it again, and when I went to rinse it out in the dog pool there was poop in the pool.  This is all the same kennel, the same 3 dogs.  Not sure who is doing what, but I know its one of these 3.  And you guessed it.  One of these 3 is Sweet Tart.  Could she really be doing this crazy stuff?  Not delicate, lady like, awesome lead dog Bridget, right?  Not silly goofy Bonzo...  Well Bonzo is a thought....  But my money is on Sweet Tart.  :)

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc

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