Saturday, August 15, 2015

PSHR’s foster puppies and their personalities

Some notes on PSHR’s foster puppies and their personalities.  First, the parents of these puppies are nice Siberians, nice looking and loving.  As a whole the litter is gorgeous, fun, affectionate,  joyful, curious, adventurous .  They absolutely crave time to explore and run and play.  And also flock to visitors and revel in attention from new and familiar people.
Keep in mind the general traits of Siberian Huskies; those will almost always color the picture.  Also keep in mind that you will greatly influence the personality of these puppies by how you raise them.  You have a huge impact.  Positive or negative traits will be strengthened depending on how they are treated.
11)      Fireworks – female – very cute and affectionate.  She loves to kiss and play with people.  She is interestingly on the more mellow side but also the puppy that seems to do things first.  Kind of sassy.  Gives nice eye contact.
22)      Music – female – super affectionate and on the easy going side.  Very responsive to people.  Softer personality type.  Possibly a princess type.
33)      Midnight – female – super independent and brave.  She is a happy girl, happy to play with people or her siblings but also happy to do her own thing far from the puppy pile.  She is responsive if she is engaged with you but hard to gather back from her mission to explore.  She will need a dog savvy owner.
44)      Star – female – affectionate and sweet.    Somewhat adventurous but still a softer personality.
55)      Thunder – male – affectionate and somewhat needy.  He is going to be a fun puppy to love and dote on.  He is also very vocal.
66)      Lightning – male – affectionate and playful.  He likes to wrestle with his litter mates and is often the puppy on top.  Independent and confident.

77)      Storm – spoken for – male – very easy going about everything,  gentle and lovable.  Gives nice eye contact. 

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook