Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ranger in his Prime - on Valerie's team and dog truck

These photos are from Valerie's collection. They are from when Ranger lived with her, his kids, relatives and Zoey.

This is Ranger and DJ (the grey male) - DJ was one of Ranger's brothers. Aren't they both so handsome? I love these Turick bloodline dogs. They are 8 years old in this picture and look about as healthy and vibrant as 2 year olds.

This is also taken on the Valerie dog truck. Left to right: Fire and Ranger (both 2) and Tommie (a girl). They look pretty ready for their turn, don't they? Beautiful, healthy, strong, fast Siberians!

This awesome photo is of Ranger and Pryo in lead, with Comet and Koti (another Ranger brother - the sable and masked one) in team. That is Valerie, coming in for a great finish with her 4 dog team at a sprint race. Valerie's dogs consistently did very well in sprints for years. They were often one of a few or the only Siberian teams. Of course, they were the most gorgeous dogs in the parking lot!