Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sad News, Ranger has gone over the Bridge

Sadly, we had to let Ranger go this past Saturday, November 1 2008. He was 15 years old, and just has handsome and personable as ever.

I was the lucky adoptee of a beautiful 9 year old Ranger some years ago. He moved into the house to keep our other older dogs company, at the time those were Boomer, Blanche and Blue Dog. He loved to sleep on the hearth in the kitchen, and that became his place. He loved to go for walks, and he would have worked in harness for more years if I had the time to run him. But he was a part of our retired house crew, enjoying walks and the grassy backyard play area, the visit of puppies and the dinner parties where he got to be the center of attention. I learned that he loved everyone, even kids, and would let kids snuggle into his bed or come and find them to kiss them. He got along with every dog here, and never would lower himself to a dog argument or fight.

His down fall was spondylosis, a degenerative arthritis of the spine. He very rapidly began to suffer and to not be able to walk. Within a week I went from wondering if he was feeling 100% to helping him stand, balance and walk. It was so fast. He was frustrated and in pain. I tried to make him comfortable and to make up for his lack of strength, sensation and control of his legs, but it did not help. He was buried here at Torsey Farm, out in a pretty pasture, next to his old friend Boomer.

We miss him terribly, and love him deeply. He was one of the best dogs on earth, and we were blessed and lucky to have gotten a chance to love him and enjoy his great personality and stunning good looks.