Monday, February 28, 2011

Resting during the rain and snow

Day two of rest after a 7 day stretch of mushing madness.  The dogs are so fit right now, I wish I was entered in the Can Am race.  My little puppy leader, Bodhi, is doing amazing.  Our last tour run on Sunday he took commands in a series that wove us through a knot of snow machiners taking up a large trail junction.  Given that he is still a little afraid of snow machines, that is pretty amazing.  I think my first string of 10 dogs is the best pool of dogs I have ever run!  A few are getting older, next year it may be a pool of 8.  So....again...I so wish we were Can Am bound!  I love these guys!  The second string, mostly older dogs, is doing great too.
We have given tons of people a beautiful sled dog ride or tour this winter and the dogs have met and charmed folks young and old.