Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pema pups getting fatter!

Lovely babies all piled up at momma. I am trying a new marking method, tail and 1 ear tip. Pema keeps removing the indelible ink from their tails. Thankfully it is non toxic.
Since she has been running in harness she has become a more content and doting mother. It makes a little sense, but is somewhat a tricky line to balance. We are running right from the kennel which makes it easier to minimize her time away and exposure to other dogs germs. I am planning an evening run soon though and I will have to leave her home. I do not run on my road at night for fear of cars. So I will be trucking the team for the first time to old Hill Village. Way too many dogs and germs there for a nursing mother. Hopefully with the team and excitment gone she will remain settled. I ran her in the first place because she destroyed her whelping room door while I was out with a team.

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