Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sled dogs training for adventures!

We use our road to train in fall. It has lots of hills which helps the teams get very strong. Hill workouts are perfect for dog sled tour training. I like a 10 dog team for this size ATV. If the terrain is flat we need no engine holdback or help. Most of the time I keep the engine off. I actually help on most hills,until I am too tired! My hill philosophy is based on the fact that my hills are huge. I let the dogs rest several times on the big or long hills. I have seen over the years that my team gets stronger and stronger this way. Some people worry that it trains the dogs to quit but the personalities of my dogs have ZERO quit in the mix. So this is not an issue.
I thought this picture was funny...a wild and thing paired with the domestic. A natural engine paired with the excavater.

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