Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big loss...we miss and love you Trader

Trader is off on his last trip, mushing in his silver harness to some great place beyond our knowing.  We burried him next to his great friends Boomer and Ranger.  (And Blue Dog)
I cannot even stand it hardly, to write all this, a week later.
He was such a pretty boy, a soft boy, a handsome and stately boy.  His nature was gentle and giving.  His needs simple, his forgiveness complete. Quirky, happy, sparkly...
As his physical presence dwindled with old age his eyes become MORE intense and joyful, more sparkly.  He was totally there, with so much heart and knowing.  He spent his last months with Blanche, a perfect kennel mate I suppose.  Both slow eaters, fragile in body, in need of gentleness.

I still remember the day I drove home from Valerie's house with Boomer and Trader.  I was beyond proud and infatuated.  Two real sled dogs!  To add to my little growing sled dog kennel - to help the 4 puppies learn!  To help me learn!  (Oh Trader you taught me so much.)  I remember thinking how absolutely beautiful Trader was, and wanted him in the front seat of the saab on the way home.  Boomer nosed his way up first though, and that was the pattern.  And Trader was happy to be part of the scene, even if he wasn't the center.  So many early adventures back then with 4 dog teams, skijor teams.  Then 6 dog teams!  Wow!  Then 8 dog teams.  A lot of learning.  Trader and Boomer were experienced sled dogs, and along with an elderly Alaskan Husky named Ebony, created my first team.
Sled Dogs + musher = team.
Sled dogs with heart + adventure = bliss

Thank you for the bliss Trader, and everything in between.  It was all special.
I love you!

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc