Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hard weather to be old and furry

Mother nature is throwing us some serious heat.   It's not good for the old dogs, especially Siepa who is not doing well healthwise.  He is only 12, and only retired from running on the dog sled tour teams last fall.  But he has a tumor in the sheath around his heart and fluid is backing up in his system despite medication.  he will not eat much (if anything) no matter what offered.  I feel bad for him, and am giving him as much time and love as he seems to want.  What he really wants is some crisp fall weather I am sure. But he enjoys the slow walks with my daughter, mostly poking around the yard, and the adoration I am raining down on him.
He was a great lead dog in his prime, one of those you keep in your backpocket and can bring you home from anywhere.  He learned commands all on his own, from other positions, and one day just floored me showing me he knew them all!
Siepa is one of those dogs who has the most loyal way of loving his person.  ME!

I am grateful everyday I am not one of those heartless people who give away their dogs at the slightest sign they are old, slow or troublesome. It's a compromise, sure, we are not headed for fame and fortune or (puke) cashing in on puppy sales to the aspiring.  We are just US.  Happy.  Together.

-Miss W
Owner and Musher
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc