Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 and 11 week photos of Handsome Wolf

Things are good, though I await an adoptive home.
I live inside and get special toys, sleep in a crate at night and am learning important stuff like to go out the dog door to go to the bathroom, walk on a leash, not chew things that are not mine and which couches are for dogs (only 1!!!). I get to go to the kennel during the day and play with my big sister Tart or my mommy Blossom. I like that ok. I really like to be in the house with my uncle Boomer. He is fun to play with and teaches me a lot of stuff.

This is me snuggling with Blanche. She is nice to me and I am of course, polite and nice to her!

This is what it looked like before I knew our photos were taken... I was napping. See how big I am getting??? I've grown a lot since my siblings were adopted out.

I was only about 10 weeks here. I am growing fast.

Here I am in my favorite spot with a special toy. I understand that this used to be my great-grandfather Ranger's special spot. Boy I wish I could have met him.

Next to me is the bucket of big dog bowls. I still eat out of a small dish... someday I will b a big dog though!

Well, that is all for now. You'll have to look for more updates and my cute tiger stripped nose later!
Lots of love,