Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pups gone wild

Our 3 Pema/Bodhi pups are nealy 6 months old.  Just a week ago I bought 2 adorable pups from neighboring mushers.  I realized I needed even more to add to next years dog sled tour team.  The new ones are just 1 month younger than ours, but a tad more tender, quiet and sweet.  I realize in comparison I have built confident, fearless and happy puppies.  But they are a smidge wild...and now that there are 5 the mischief is getting noticeable.  Just this Monday holiday I thought I had the kennel arranged in happy play groups and was enjoying a craft date with my daughter and 2 of my lovely grand daughters.  Well I got a call from hubby, pups were out of the huge enclosure and were running wild.  They came right to the front door, thankfully! Happy buggers!  But only my 3 Pema pups had escaped!  The 2 new boys were looking ever so sorrowful left behind in the huge play area.  Well, since this escape the pups have been digging inside the kennel too.  They clearly understand edges and getting out!  It's hard to imagine that they must wait a year to have all this energy harnessed.  But I know once they come of age they will be excellent additions to our dog sled tour team.  Friendly, energetic, fearless and adventure loving.  Just what Barking Brook is all about.  In the meanwhile however, I scarce turn my back on them.  They climb things, reach things not meant for chewing, scatter things and seem in need of puppy school.