Monday, October 28, 2013

Tired puppies

What a life, to be ready to nap at 930 am!  These baby sled dog pups have been playing since 630 today, including for the last half hour in the huge play area.  It's wonderful to watch them sprint laps chasing each other in this new addition to the kennel grounds.  These 2 boys were recently purchased and added to our 3 pup group.  So next year we will have five wonderfully athletic sweet and handsome dogs to add to our dog sled tour team.   Actually 2 of ours are girls, so that would be sweet, athletic and pretty additions to the dog sled tour team.

We love this new play area, the dogs get a chance to lope lazy laps on their off days (we are already training with wheeled rigs).  It's wonderful to play fetch with all the apples and to see the play group finally all lay down close to each other and nap in the sun and fall leaves.

The play area also has helped get the dogs fit for fall training, as they have had a few weeks running around in it late this summer/early fall.