Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gratitude - leaders!!!!

I have to express my utter gratitude for the gifts from the universe in the shape of wonderful LEAD DOGS.  From the beginning there was Nikka, who as a puppy was aided by some older lead dogs we adopted.  She had the right stuff from the get go. We adopted Ebony, a 9 year old alaskan sweetheart.  She was professional and hard working and cute as a button.  We adopted Boomer, another older dog with tons of experience.   He brought heart and soul and a debonair attitude.  Nikka learned from these guys and then helped train Rainy.  Rainy, a true leader and all you could ever want, quickly learned from Nikka but then needed a faster dog to pair with her.  The universe was looking out for me...  Blanche fell into our laps.  Another 9 year old dog.  Blanche and Rainy were a pretty pair, fast and perfect.  Nikka trained several dogs to run with her, starting with her handsome brother Siepa.  Then later her good friend Kubota.  Nikka and Kubota are the lead pair I can count on for tricky situations, new trails, and constant great behavior.  I'd hate to be without them, but Nikka is getting on in age and starting to show she will need to retire sometime soon.
Blanche retired and was replaced by little Twinkle.  Twinkle and Rainy were a great pair, Twinkle brought a hard driving attitude and these two were utterly dependable and fast.  Rainy has retired back into team and several dogs have been tried up front with Twinkle.  Finally, a puppy has stepped up: Bodhi.  He is Rainy's son.  He has the trail ethic we needed, and his attitude to get down the trail is phenomenal.  He is smart and Twinkle is teaching him the ropes.  They have great chemistry together, and they look handsome too!

Thank you to the universe, the Great Mother, all the dogs in these guys pedigrees, and all the breeders who helped shape these leaders!