Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wolf at 9 Weeks playing with Big Sister Tart

Here is Wolf, a handsome fellow with dramatic markings and adorable ears. His coloring is similar to Moon, but his bone structure is different. He is much more angulated and a tad more fine boned. Wolf is very athletic. He is the pup who leads out the farthest on our walks in the woods. He is also the pup who is the most independent, and not until he is tired do you find him at your ankles.
Wolf has told me his real name is River, so I call him that most of the time.

Wolf was the was shyest of all the pups, but has become mush less shy with his siblings gone, it was almost as if he got lost in their chaos. He still is self entertaining - and prefers to chew a toy versus chew on a person. We'll see how that changes now that he is the only puppy left!!! He already has signs that he gives when he needs to be taken out of the house to go to the bathroom.

This first photo is Wolf playing with a toy, his sister Arwen asleep next to him.

Here he is playing with Tart. Tart is a good big sister.