Monday, March 23, 2009

Iditarod - YUCK

I am getting sick of emails forwarding news about this race. The latest was about 2 dogs that died most likely having frozen to death during a storm.

I don't care who runs, wins or tries this race. As far as I can see, with 20+ checkpoints to restock, a huge purse for the top runners and all the media it is a race that promotes terrible dog care. Why? Because people are motivated to win, and when people want to win they compromise ethical, compassionate care of dogs.

Too much breeding - where do all those extra puppies go? Where do all the dogs who did not make the cut go? From all the stories some PEOPLE IN ALASKA SHOOT THEIR UNWANTED DOGS AND PUT THE POOR DEAD DOGS ON THE POOP PILES. From all the shelters and rescue groups there are also massive quantities of dumped dogs, especially in spring. There are breeders from Alaska who ship dogs to who-the-hell-cares-anywhere-else-that-pays. They do not take these dogs back when the purchaser decided that it is not working out. Some don't even take the time to really know how their dog will be cared for. So these dogs get passed on and on.
Some breeders, both Alaskan and non, Iditarod running and non, BREED DOGS TO MAKE MONEY. I feel that unless you are putting enough effort into breeding and raising pups to displace a full time job, selling pups to pay for your racing habits is pathetic and evil.

Too many dogs per kennel - do they get the love and attention they deserve? Dogs who work their hearts out for you deserve to be loved every day, to be known for every quirk and special thing about them. Anyone who owns any amount of dogs should go to hell if they do not love and care for their dogs to the utmost of their ability and heart.

Too many compromises
- how do you feed dogs for a healthy full life when all you care about is the the performance over their peak running years? Who of these top runners keeps their old dogs and watches them enjoy comfortable retirement??? And I do not mean a favored few. I mean ALL the dogs who raced and worked. How can they afford to feed the best when there are 80+ dogs in the yard. The feed "the best they can afford" and call it "the best". I would in fact avoid like the PLAGUE any dog food most large kennels feed. Many mushers feed a disgusting raw meat called 4-D meat. That is DEAD, DISABLED, DOWNER AND DISEASED animal meat. How does that make for health???

So...these are my thoughts on this blasted race. With 4 weeks to go till I pop out my baby... I feel like I need to hurry up and scream out my thoughts for someone to hear before I am cocooned in baby love for the foreseeable future.