Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jesse is coming back!

Jesse is coming back to Barking Brook to help out during the new baby phase!

I am due April 16 and have been struggling to keep up with what I consider to be basic dog care (what others might consider perfectly great care ... I know...) So we are all rejoicing, since we miss him anyway. Hubby bought him an adorable 26 foot camper for his own space and is working on a spot by the barn. Jesse used to use the upper story of the barn as a workshop, so we are hoping he will enjoy the location. Hopefully we can also provide some great, safe play space for Bud and Sikko too, one the snow melts off our pile of fencing. We still have a good foot out in the fields and yards.

So hurray and hallelujah, the dogs will be perfectly cared for and I can spend some time just enjoying the new baby to come and learning how to house break, um, I mean care for a tiny human baby.