Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blossom Puppy Round Up

The pups turned 9 weeks this past weekend and got their first shot at 8 weeks.
They are ready to go!
Over the next few days some of them will be going to their new homes.
People will be asking - which pups are still available. I will be able to post that information by Thursday night.

Some notes to the brave viewer who wants to look at all the photos below:
Wolf: (available) sable and white male. Really coming out of his shell with his siblings gone, less shy and much more cuddly, sensitive, sweet, likes to explore, becoming more responsive and interactive. Very handsome with his slight tiger striping on his nose.

Arwen: (taken) black and white female. Gentle, big boned, sweet. The perfect snugler. Very pretty.
Aragorn: (taken) buff and grey male. Very friendly and bold, inquisitive and responsive. Likes to cuddle and socialize. Dashing good looks.
Buttercup: (taken) ginger/blond and white female. Very sweet, easy going, cuddly, friendly and fluffy. Pretty girl with adorable nose.
Diesel: (taken) sable and cream male. Gentle, quieter, cuddly and fluffy. Extremely handsome.
Moon: (taken) sable and white male. Active, friendly, cuddly, bold. Handsome and also flashy.