Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 week puppies...did not catch all pups

Not sure what happened, but I missed photographing a few of the pups.

Diesel, with his extra long dress-up whiskers. He is a gorgeous caramel color and every so fluffy and round! He is a playful fellow with an easy going independent personality. He loves to be loved up, he loves to curl up with a toy and he will play and run and frolic like the rest of the pups.

Arwen, our black (smokey topaz) and white girly. A sweet puppy, friendly and calm. She has a short tight coat, huge long legs and my what big ears!

Arwen with Wolf behind her. Arwen likes to get in baskets and boxes.

Moon with momma Blossom. Moon is a very friendly puppy, puts his paws right on you to get close to your face and let you know how much he really wants you to play with him and love him. He is a bigger boned boy than his twin, Wolf. His face markings, which really are not coming out in the below photo, are very striking.

Another photo centered around Arwen. To her left, but view only, is Buttercup. Behind with the caramel face is Diesel. To her right is handsome Wolf.